Zipper token pre-sale

Zipper token pre-sale now open

Join developers and pioneer mobile and blockchain enthusiasts in Zipper token pre-sale.

30% bonus and Sony Xperia for selected contributors.

Pre-sale key points

Tokens available: 100M ZIPT (10% of total supply)
Hard cap: $3.0M ($1M for small cap, $2M for high cap track)
Minimum cap: $0.5M
Price: 1 USD = 33.33 ZIPT (1 ETH = 15,289 ZIPT)
ETH/USD rate: 1 ETH = 458.67 USD
Bonus: 30% (released over time)
Start: 30 Nov 2017 08:00am UTC
End: 4 Jan 2018 (exact time TBC), or when hard cap reached
Accepted currency: ETH
Token released: When Zipper platform launched, est. Mar 2018


As of 11th Dec 13:30 UTC. Note: this is the total amount committed prior to KYC & confirmation.

Select your contribution track

In both tracks, you will receive Zipper tokens at the same price and bonus, early access to the Zipper platform, and a license to Sailfish OS for Sony Xperia X. Moreover, all participants contributing 5 ETH or more will receive Sony Xperia X developer device with Zipper platform.

Small cap contribution

Minimum: 120 USD equivalent
Maximum: 10,000 USD equivalent

Large cap contribution

Minimum: 10,000 USD equivalent
Maximum: 500,000 USD equivalent

Hesitant to contribute but still interested in joining the Zipper project?

No worries, you still have a chance receive Zipper wallet with tokens, and even win a Sony Xperia X through our Twitter bounty campaign! Follow us on Twitter and stay tuned, more info coming soon.

Receive Zipper tokens & Sony Xperia X

As a pre-sale contributor, you will receive ZIP tokens and early access to the Zipper platform. We want to encourage developers to integrate their services to Zipper platform, and community members to provide feedback as the platform’s first users.

If you contribute 5 ETH or more, you will receive  the full out-of-the-box experience: Sony Xperia X smartphone with Zipper platform and Android pre-installed.

Moreover, all contributors will receive a license to Sailfish OS for Sony Xperia X devices, to trial Zipper platform in both supported operating systems,Android and Sailfish OS.

Note: Sony Xperia X with early version of Zipper platform  is a developer device and is provided as is and without any warranties. Shipping limitations might apply.

What is ZIP token?

ZIP is the utility token of the Zipper platform. Users earn ZIP tokens as a reward for using apps and dapps - it’s a kind of a thank you for their loyalty and attention.

Users can then spend ZIP tokens for example by making in-app purchases or lending or selling them to other users. Users can also stake ZIP tokens in the Zipper dapp store to curate content and make good apps stand out and easy to discover.

Check out our Whitepaper for a proper deep-dive.

Token allocation

Large share of the tokens will be released to ecosystem participants such as dapp and platform developers, community, and users over several years.  

Tokens allocated to the team and Zipper Global Ltd are vested and released gradually over two years' time.

Timeline & Bonus

All pre-sale contributors will receive 30% of bonus tokens. Bonus is released to contributors in the three quarters following the release of the Zipper token. Contributors are eligible for each release only if they still hold the full amount of their initial contribution.

Zipper token pre-sale is planned to be followed by a main sale in Q1 2018. 

How to contribute: access the Zipper contribution page with your web wallet, MetaMask or Parity

First, decide the amount you plan to contribute. If the amount is between $120 and $10,000 equivalent of ETH, select the "Small cap" track above. If the amount is more than $10,000  equivalent of ETH, select the "Large cap" track. The contribution process goes as follows:

Small cap contributors

1. You select the ETH wallet you want to use for the contribution through MetaMask or Parity or write your Ethereum account address as stated in your web wallet.

2.  Create and download a temporary Ethereum account ('Contribution wallet')

3. Enter personal information, provide scans of ID and a selfie of yourself with that ID and how much you'd like to contribute, if not using a web wallet, accept the transfer.  Note: no contribution has been made yet at this point. The funds in the Contribution Wallet can be withdrawn at any point before Zipper has processed and confirmed your contribution.


4. After we have checked that everything is ok with your documentation and contribution, we will confirm your contribution and notify you by email.

Large cap contributors

After selecting the large cap track above, you have the chance to chat with us or continue directly to contribute through the same process as small cap contributors.

Reminder: each participant is required to use either a Ethereum web wallet such as MyEtherWallet, or Ethereum extension MetaMask or Parity Ethereum node to contribute.

Note: We will use our website, Twitter, and Telegram as our only official public pre-sale communication channels. Before making a contribution, double-check that the address of the contribution page is

Frequently asked questions

Please see the FAQ here.