Frequently Asked Questions



What is Zipper?

Zipper is an Ethereum based mobile platform for blockchain apps, protocols and currencies. Zipper brings the decentralized world to our smartphones in one seamless and user-controlled experience, starting from easy and secure use of one’s cryptographic identity and private keys.


What is ZIP token?

ZIP token is an Ethereum ERC20 utility token which Zipper platform and the services integrated into it use to reward their users and developers. See more in our Whitepaper.


How do I participate to the Zip token pre-sale?

See instructions in our pre-sale page.


What is the funding goal / hard cap of the pre-sale?

The funding goal is 3 million USD. This consists of small cap track goal of 1 million USD, and large cap track of 2 million USD.


Is the pre-sale price same for small and large cap contributors?

Yes, the token price is the same for both small and large cap contributors. Also the 30% bonus is the same for both tracks.


What is the timeline and structure of the pre-sale?

The pre-sale starts on 30 Nov 2017 08:00am UTC, and ends on 4 Jan 2018 (exact time TBC), or when funding goal is reached.

Contributors have two tracks to choose from: small cap and high cap track. See more  in the pre-sale page.


Who controls the funds I contribute?

The funds you plan to contribute are in your control in your Contribution Wallet (as in, you can withdraw at any time). Once we have approved your submitted KYC documents, we’ll propose a transfer of the contributed amount from the Contribution Wallet to Zipper’s accounts that you’ll need to approve to finalize your contribution.

After this point, Zipper Global Ltd, the Hong Kong based company which has initiated the Zipper project, has the right and access to move the funds to its own wallet(s) and use them to drive the Zipper project forward.


How are the contributed funds used and by whom?

Zipper project plans to use the pre-sale funds to launch the Zipper platform to the market, establish business and technology partnerships, and prepare the project for a funding round.


Which currencies I can use to contribute?

ETH. We are not planning to support other currencies at this point of time.


What is the name, symbol and type of the token?

Zipper project’s token is ZIP token, and it’s symbol is ZIPT. The token is an Ethereum ERC20 standard token.


When is the token released to contributors?

The token is released to contributors within a week after the Zipper platform launches. The platform is currently estimated to launch in March 2018.


Which blockchain Zipper uses and supports?

Zipper uses the Ethereum blockchain, as it is production-ready, has significant developer support and is evolving with fast pace. At the same time, Zipper is designed to be blockchain agnostic. We aim that dapps using any blockchain can be integrated to the Zipper platform.


Is there a lock down for the tokens?

There is no lock down for the pre-sale tokens. However, pre-sale contributors are eligible for the 30% pre-sale bonus gradually only if they hold all of the ZIP tokens they receive as follows:

1/3 of bonus released: 3 months after ZIP token released

1/3 of bonus released: 6 months after ZIP token released

1/3 of bonus released: 9 months after ZIP token released

This is to encourage long-term support of the project.


Is there a pre-sale bonus and who gets it?

Yes, there is a 30% bonus for all small and large cap pre-sale contributors. The bonus is released to contributors gradually only if they hold all of the ZIP tokens they receive for a certain period of time. The bonus is released to contributors as follows:

1/3 of bonus released: 3 months after ZIP token released

1/3 of bonus released: 6 months after ZIP token released

1/3 of bonus released: 9 months after ZIP token released


How can I get involved if I don’t contribute in pre-sale?

Join our Telegram and subscribe to our newsletter as a start.


What is the community program Jolla and Zipper announced?

The program is an open invitation for developers and other mobile pioneers to join the effort to enable Zipper platform for Sailfish OS and its users.


Wasn’t Zipper an investment platform for startups?

Yes, we are using elements from that idea. Even if it was aiming for the same vision as the current Zipper plan, it did not attract sufficient attention at the time and we pivoted more directly towards a mobile platform.


Is Zipper a scam / legit / where can I authenticate things about Zipper the company, its team and your advisors?

Zipper Global Ltd. (a Hong Kong company) existence: Hong Kong Companies Registry -> unregistered user -> “the search(es) is / are conducted to ascertain (1) whether the searcher is dealing with a company or its directors or other officers, in matters of or connected with any act of the company;” -> accept -> search -> company name -> company name: zipper global -> search, where you’ll find us as CR number 2375906

The different people involved in the project can be searched from LinkedIn as well; whom have well-connected, well-established profiles. Googling our names will also show up a lot of entries relating to our pasts.

We are happy to discuss anything you might find that worries you.

You’re also welcome to come join us for a beer in Hong Kong and meet the team in person, but contact us first 🙂


I don’t believe X as mentioned in the whitepaper will work. Why aren’t you doing Y?

Join our Telegram channel and strike up a conversation about X! We are planning for Zipper platform to be developed not only by ourselves but also the network of contributors, fans and community around it. We don’t know everything but it may very well be that your particular Y is the puzzle piece that makes it all come together.


To which countries you ship the Sony Xperia X developer device?

We aim to ship the device worldwide. However, there might be restrictions for example set by local customs which limit our capability to deliver the device to certain countries or regions. We will communicate more details in due course.