Frequently Asked Questions



What is Zipper?

Zipper is an Ethereum based mobile OS for blockchain apps, protocols and currencies. Zipper brings the decentralized world to our smartphones in one seamless and user-controlled experience, starting from easy and secure use of one’s cryptographic identity and private keys.


When will Zipper launch?

Zipper platform is currently at prototype stage. You can see some images of the prototype in our blog post describing the key split functionality.

Our aim is to launch Alpha version of the platform in March 2018. Moreover, selected pre-sale contributors will receive Sony Xperia smartphone with AOSP Android (without Google services) and Zipper platform.

Read more about our R&D roadmap in our Whitepaper.


Which blockchain Zipper uses and supports?

Zipper uses the Ethereum blockchain, as it is production-ready, has significant developer support and is evolving with fast pace. At the same time, Zipper is designed to be blockchain agnostic. We aim that dapps using any blockchain can be integrated to the Zipper platform.




What is Zipper’s community program?

Zipper community program will be built around our product and reward those community members who help us develop Zipper by using and promoting Zipper. In short, enthusiastic community members who, by acting as early testers of the product, help us make it better.

You can read more here.


How do I sign up for the program?

The program whitelist is closed after reaching 5,000 participants.

We’ll be publishing more program details in March-April time frame.


Can I get ZIP tokens through the program?

Yes, each participant gets 5,000 Zipper tokens if they are eligible. Read more here.





What is ZIPT token?

ZIPT token is an Ethereum ERC20 utility token which Zipper platform and the services integrated into it use to reward their users and developers. See more in our Whitepaper.


Will Zipper have a crowdsale?

We want to build a long-term community around our product, powered by token incentives. We will not have a traditional token sale which often attracts short-term speculators or scammers.

Instead, we launched a Zipper community program. You can read more in the “Community Program” section.


Does Zipper have a pre-sale?

Yes, we had a pre-sale in late 2017. The pre-sale is finished. You can read a summary here.


Does Zipper have a private sale?

Yes, we have an ongoing private sale for large contributors and strategic partners with a 20,000 ETH hard cap. Minimum contribution is 100 ETH. If you’re interested, please email us at hello@zipperglobal.com and briefly introduce yourself and why you’re interested in our project.


Is the token price same in pre-sale and private sale? Why not?

Pre-sale token price was 1 ETH = 30,073 ZIPT. Private sale token price is 1 ETH = 5,000 ZIPT for all contributors. There are several reasons for the price difference:

1. Market interest
There has been a very large increase in interest towards Zipper since December, the late stages of our pre-sale. As we want to reserve large enough token allocation for ecosystem development for the years to come, and have reserved a limited amount of Zipper tokens for main sale, due to the increased demand we had to set our token price to a new level to accommodate investor demand. Zipper is building an ambitious web 3.0 OS project, and the new pricing sets Zipper on par with other ambitious projects during their token sales.

2. Increase in ETH price & crypto market cap
We started the pre-sale in the end of November 2017, when ETH was at $458. When we started the private sale in mid-January, ETH was close to $1400 – a 3x increase. Consequently, valuations of most Ethereum projects (and crypto projects in general) skyrocketed. Remaining at close to our pre-sale valuation would have left us massively undervalued compared to the rest of the market.

3. Early contributors take the biggest risk
Similar to startup funding, first contributors will always take the biggest risk as there’s many unknowns related to the project. We believe that early believers, of which the first ones backed us already in November 2017, should be rewarded for trusting us in the very early stage of the project.


Was there any bonuses in the pre-sale and private sale?

Yes. Pre-sale contributors have a 30% bonus, which is released in three equal portions three, six and nine months after ZIP token becomes transferable. Contributors receive the bonus only if they still hold 100% of their initial contribution. Some selected contributors and strategic partners receive also a 10-20% additional bonus.

Moreover, we made a proposal to our pre-sale contributors to lock most of their ZIPT tokens for 6 months. In the new proposal, contributors would get their 30% bonus when ZIPT becomes transferable, and their remaining ZIPT tokens gradually over 6 months. The proposal was made to calm worries that there’ll be too many tokens flooding onto the market by pre-sale contributors once ZIPT becomes transferable. Most of pre-sale contributors accepted the proposal, covering 66% of total contributions. You can read more here.

Private sale contributors have 10-50% bonuses. Large bonuses are offered only for strategic partners with a minimum of 6-month lockup for all of their tokens.


What is the circulating supply?

Figures to be confirmed after closing the private sale.


When is the token released and transferable?

The token is transferable within a week after the Zipper platform launches. The platform is currently estimated to launch by the end of March 2018. Token key dates are as follows:

Pre-sale: 30th November 2017 – 3rd January 2018

Private sale: January-March 2018

Token creation, audit and distribution: March 2018

Token transferable: March 2018 (estimate, depends on platform launch)

Community program start: after platform is launched ( more details to be announced)


In which exchanges the token will be listed?

Due to legal restrictions, we cannot comment on exchange listings or possible discussions with exchanges.

Regarding decentralized exchanges, listing/trading is out of our control as Zipper token will be freely transferable after the Zipper platform is launched.

In general, we believe that ZIP token liquidity is critical for the Zipper platform to succeed. We are working towards establishing this liquidity.




Is Zipper a scam / legit / where can I authenticate things about Zipper the company, its team and your advisors?

Zipper Global Ltd. (a Hong Kong company) existence: Hong Kong Companies Registry -> unregistered user -> “the search(es) is / are conducted to ascertain (1) whether the searcher is dealing with a company or its directors or other officers, in matters of or connected with any act of the company;” -> accept -> search -> company name -> company name: zipper global -> search, where you’ll find us as CR number 2375906

The different people involved in the project can be searched from LinkedIn as well; whom have well-connected, well-established profiles. Googling our names will also show up a lot of entries relating to our pasts.

We are happy to discuss anything you might find that worries you.

You’re also welcome to come join us for a beer in Hong Kong and meet the team in person, but contact us first 🙂


I don’t believe X as mentioned in the whitepaper will work. Why aren’t you doing Y?

Join our Telegram channel and strike up a conversation about X! We are planning for Zipper platform to be developed not only by ourselves but also the network of contributors, fans and community around it. We don’t know everything but it may very well be that your particular Y is the puzzle piece that makes it all come together.