With Zipper Safepay, your online marketplace can offer a trusted way to trade by releasing buyer’s payment to seller only upon successful delivery.

Buyers and sellers can transact with confidence, and your marketplace gets a cut of the value flowing through your platform.

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How it works

1. Buyer and Seller agree a trade.

2. Buyer makes full payment, which is locked in her wallet.

3. Seller sees incoming payment and delivers goods.

4. Buyer receives goods and releases payment to Seller.

Win-Win for traders and your marketplace

Confident buyers and sellers

Buyers know that their payment goes through only if they receive the goods, and sellers deliver goods knowing that full payment is incoming.

GMV into revenue

Your marketplace can take a cut of each trusted payment, turning the value flowing through your eCommerce platform into revenue. You don’t need to setup an expensive and risky escrow service.

Existing ways to pay

With our easy Safepay integration, your buyers and sellers can use existing payment methods they’re familiar with, such as local digital wallets and credit cards.

About us

We believe in a future where money, identity and reputation do not have borders and where everyone from Kenya to India can do business directly with each other. Our first step in building the future infrastructure of commerce is to enable people to make trusted transactions powered by blockchain smart contracts.

Our team hails from Europe and Asia with extensive experience from developing, selling and funding open software platforms. Feel free to reach out – we’re always on the look for new partners, friends and colleagues.


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