Zipper: New

Zipper platform is an easy and secure gateway to blockchain services, directly from your Android or Sailfish OS smartphone.

Soon available for Sony Xperia X.


Seamless experiences without Big Brother

With Zipper platform, you can access Ethereum and other blockchain services such as wallet and storage seamlessly from your Android phone, but without having to worry if your personal data is being collected. Zipper is an independent runtime fully separated from the Android side of your device.

Say goodbye to paper wallets

Zipper automatically splits your private keys to several places such as your device and cloud service of choice. Only you can request to put the key back together. You can still make everyday transactions as easily as logging into your phone.

Just a swipe away

Anyone will be able to download and install Zipper to selected Android and Sailfish OS smartphones, and access it with a single swipe from the home screen.




Why? It’s simple – we believe that  people deserve and need  an easy and secure way to access the brave new decentralized world.