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Zipper token pre-sale now open

Developers and pioneer community members can now join the Zipper project through the Zipper token pre-sale.

Selected contributors will also receive 30% bonus and a Zipper platform powered Sony Xperia X smartphone.

Introducing Zipper

Zipper is an Ethereum based mobile platform which brings blockchain based services to our smartphones in one seamless and user-controlled experience.

At first, Zipper provides everyday smartphone users an easy and safe way to manage their identity and private keys. This makes it possible for anyone to access blockchain based services out-of-the-box in an easy and intuitive way - just like Apple’s services on iOS today - while being in full control of their identity, transactions and data.

Zipper works in an isolated compartment in Android and Sailfish OS smartphones, making Zipper and its wallet secure while still easily accessible.

Bringing blockchain to the masses

Zipper brings blockchain based services to average users with three key propositions.

1. Painless private key handling

Paper wallets, scams, complex interfaces - the current private key experience is far from user friendly. Zipper’s decentralized key management solution, based on Shamir's Secret Sharing, turns user’s phone into an everyday hardware wallet. User can confirm transactions as easily as logging into her phone, while still in control of her private keys.

2. From siloed to seamless user experiences

There are already hundreds of dapps which each require separate tokens, wallets or identities. On Zipper, user can access decentralized services through one interface, identity and wallet. Token transactions between services happen seamlessly in the background.

3. Giving data control back to people

Building the decentralized world on top of the current data hungry mobile operating systems is like building your house on sand. Zipper does not collect user’s data without permission, and is fully separated from the smartphone’s OS. User has full control on what data to share and with whom, and even the option to monetize her data.

ZIP token rewards users and fuels future's smartphones

ZIP is the utility token of the Zipper platform. Users earn ZIP tokens as a reward for using apps and dapps - it’s a kind of a thank you for their loyalty and attention. Users can then spend ZIP tokens for example by making in-app purchases or lending or selling them to other users. Users can also stake ZIP tokens in the Zipper dapp store to curate content and make good apps stand out.

Read more from our Whitepaper & check out the just opened ZIP token pre-sale.

Launching in early 2018

We aim to launch Zipper platform in March 2018. After proving the concept and integrating the first blockchain services to the platform, we plan to bring Zipper powered smartphones to users around the world through device vendor and other partnerships.

Our partners:

Team of mobile pioneers who can deliver

Zipper core team consists of founders and former executives of Finnish mobile company Jolla, where the team developed and brought to market Sailfish OS and several mobile devices.

Dr. Antti Saarnio, Founder

Co-founder and Chairman of Jolla.  Emerging markets and investment management at KPMG, Accenture and East Partners. Dr.Tech. in Strategic Investments.


Carsten Munk, CTO & Co-founder

Founder of Mer and author of Hybris open source projects. Pioneering work on Linux and Android stacks for Nokia and Jolla. Team’s blockchain lead. M.Sc. in Computer Science.


Pasi Rusila, COO & Co-founder

Former head of products and business development at Jolla and business developer at VTT. Have built and launched several mobile products. M.Sc. in Industrial Management.


Antti Enqvist, CLO

Former CLO and Legal Counsel of Jolla, Nokia and Symbian Foundation. Masters legal and technical side of software business. LL.M. in Law, M.Sc. in Information Technology.


Tom Swindell, Software

10+ years software work for mobile companies such as Nokia and Jolla. Expertise include telephony, VoIP, middleware, hardware adaptations, C, C++, and Solidity/Ethereum.


Marc Dillon, Community Ambassador

Head of software at Zen Robotics. Previously Co-founder and COO of Jolla, 10+ years in various software positions at Nokia.


Teemu Päivinen, Advisor
Currently Spacegrade and Zeppelin Solutions, Founder & Chairman of Entrepreneur and investor focused on blockchain and governance.


Matthew Graham, Advisor

Founder and CEO at Sino Global Capital. Bridging technology with China investors and partners with years of investment management experience. 


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